Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Update

    Wow! Is it June already? It's been a busy time; with a kennel full of crazy dogs in spring/summer time, it's been nice to have such cool mornings to keep running the dogs. This morning we completed 200 miles of spring training...and it looks like we'll have to slow down now as the temperatures climb.
    With that, I've been carefully considering where to take the team as far as future pups. With Mouse's last litter in November and debating about whether or not to keep Sweetwater's female, Prim, I almost bred Summer - but decided to wait one last year. I'd like to push her a bit more and see what she's made of...and I also had a pleasant surprise in the form of Razz's sister, Rowdy, being sent down bred to Clyde from Scott Smith.
    She's due on July so it's too early to know for sure about puppies, but I hope she has several! It's nice to have her exuberant self back in the kennel...and that will leave my race team next year of entirely AK dogs, or their offspring, except for my old reliable leader, Legolas, and Summer. With that, of course, I'll either have a huge puppy/non-race team or (what I've done) make some hard decisions about downsizing the kennel...
    Other than Rowdy's arrival, and running when mornings allow, it's pretty calm at the kennel. The Greek's litter is growing big - come July and it'll be puppy training again! Of course, I'm dreaming of next winter...race strategy and training plans are in formulation stage - last year gave me a taste of what the dogs can do and I don't want to let them down...after all, we work so hard for a few races it's a shame for the musher to be a hindrance!